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Some of the topics you'll hear on Who Knows What...

The Hortonville Who Knows What Net

Amateur Radio, Electronics, 3D Printing and More...

This independent collaborative community-run net is the best net in the region for amateur radio discussion, learning, spreading awareness of area events & clubs, sharing advice, answering questions, and announcing your buy/sell/trade deals.

The WKW Net hosts presentations on both beginner and advanced ham radio topics, like tips for learning Morse Code, building & choosing antennas for POTA, understanding baluns & ununs, or an introduction to GMRS for hams. We do trivia nights too!

Many hams are also builders and experimenters, so we often have discussions about all things DIY. Anything that fits a "maker space" discussion is fair game. 

Some weeks are simply freewheeling roundtable discussions about what everyone's been working on or looking into recently. Share what you've been working on, ask questions, or just listen and learn!

Ham-related Q&A is encouraged and new hams are always welcome. 

If you're a new ham and never checked into a repeater net before, this is a great place to start... Make your first contact with us! 

Thursdays @ 8:00 PM on the
Hortonville UHF repeater:
443.950 MHz (+5), 77 Hz tone

Wanna becomE a NET HOST? 

Who Knows What & Late Night Hosts Wanted!

If you'd like to help run the net, we'd love your help! This is a great, low-pressure way to learn how to manage a net before running an emcomm check-in net or, if you're experienced, a fab way to inject a little fun and attitude into your usual net practice! Don't be shy, you've got a great radio voice! We'll give you guidelines, assist you during the net, and help you succeed.

Come let loose, have fun and be a late night host!