2004 Foxhunt Schedule

Guests Welcome!

March 3: Cancelled

April 7: Cancelled

May 5: West Park (Carmel)

June 2: Cancelled

July 7: Simon Moon Park (Westfield) 

August 4: Simon Moon Park (Westfield) 

Foxhunts may be cancelled due to bad weather or participants' availability. Check our Discord #foxhunt channel for the latest updates.

Hunts start at 2 PM at the top of the hill inside the park. Arrive early! 

We use the Hortonville UHF repeater (443.95) for club comms before & during the hunt.

A junior future Piglet uses an attenuator and tape measure yagi to zero in on the microfox in Prairie Meadow Park.

Radio Direction Finding Is Fun!

Usually held on first Sundays of the month

Get your 2 meter Yagis, handheld radios, attenuators and mapping apps ready... it's spring... and that means FOXHUNTS!! If you've never done a radio transmitter hunt for a "fox" before, no problem... Come out to the park and pair up with a seasoned foxhunting member to learn how!

The goal: See how fast we can find the hidden radio beacon using direction-finding antennas, maps, and plotted radio bearings. 

We hide a 2 meter handheld radio (and controller transmitting Morse Code) somewhere in Hamilton County, meet at the top of a hill in a centrally located park, and use directional antennas to listen for the beacon in all directions.

Then we jump in cars, head in that direction, take another bearing, and triangulate its location. 

Often there will be a second "microfox" hidden within a few blocks of the first fox location. Once you get close to a fox, the signals get too strong and overwhelm the antenna, so we use attenuators to keep the directional antennas pointing us in the right direction.

It's a fun time, all while developing a skill that can be used to track down interference sources, rogue operators, or RFI-causing utility pole equipment... and even locate lost people or downed aircraft!

Foxhunting resources:
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