Event Calendar

Major Piglet Events for 2024

Member Meetings: Every Third Monday

Jan. 27-28: Winter Field Day

Feb. 3: Workshop - 3D Modeling with Fusion 360 

Feb. 9-10: Chinese New Year Sprint

May 4: Indiana QSO Party

May 5: Radio Foxhunt

May 16-19: Hamvention (Xenia, Ohio)

June 2: Radio Foxhunt

June 22-23: Field Day

July 7: Radio Foxhunt

August 4: Radio Foxhunt

Aug. 17: North American QSO Party

Sept. TBD: Piglet Radio Golf Open

Nov. 16-17: Fort Wayne Hamfest

2024 Community Events

Events listed below for our members' benefit. These events are not organized by Piglet Radio.

Mar. 2: NWS Storm Spotter Training

Piglet Radio Channels

We use one or more of these channels for most of our events. 

Nets & Mobile Event Talk-In:  Hortonville UHF repeater (443.95, +5 offset, 77 hz tone)

Piglet-1: VHF simplex 147.475, with 77 hz tone squelch

Piglet-2: UHF simplex 445.475, with 77 hz tone squelch

Many Piglets also regularly monitor the K9EOC linked VHF/UHF repeaters in Noblesville.

A big thanks to K9EOC and its trustees, maintainers, and sponsors, including Hamilton County Emergency Management, for providing a great collection of modern, well maintained repeaters in our county.