Late Night Net

The Piglets Late Night Net

Repeater nets don't have to be boring!!! Fire up your UHF rig and join us for a fun Late Night Net! We currently do SSTV Image Exchange once a monthIf you have ideas for other fun topics on alternate Mondays, let us know!

First Monday of the month @ 9:00 PM
on the Hortonville UHF repeater:
443.950 MHz (+5), 77 Hz tone

NOTE: The Makers Net discussion topics have been moved from the Late Night Net time slot to the Who Knows What net on Thursdays.

2024 Late Night Net Schedule

Apr. 1
May 6
Jun. 3
Jul. 1
Aug. 5
Sep. 2
Oct. 7
Nov. 4
Dec. 2

SSTV Image Exchange Net

SSTV... On UHF?!

It's time to dust off MMSSTV and get ready for a good time.  Enjoy casual conversation punctuated with SSTV images from your friends around Central Indiana.  SSTV is usually used on HF, but we're using it on the repeater! Come learn how to send SSTV images in a friendly local environment before you jump on HF or take a break from your HF SSTVing and share some of your best images with us.

THANKS to  DX Engineering for graciously donating the SSTV Late Night prizes for our 2023 SSTV Puzzle competition!

How Do I Participate?

You can connect your radio to your computer with audio cables or just use the mic on your phone! A computer works best but phone apps are fun, portable and even work with basic HTs. Download an app and turn your phone into a SSTV decoder! PC, Mac and iPhone have one program while Android requires using two separate programs.

SSTV Software

PC: MMSSTV          Mac: MultiScan 

iPhone: Black Cat SSTV ($3.99)

Android: SSTV Encoder  & Robot36 Decoder 

Wanna becomE a NET HOST? 

Who Knows What & Late Night Hosts Wanted!

If you'd like to help run the net, we'd love your help! This is a great, low-pressure way to learn how to manage a net before running an emcomm check-in net or, if you're experienced, a fab way to inject a little fun and attitude into your usual net practice! Don't be shy, you've got a great radio voice! We'll give you guidelines, assist you during the net, and help you succeed.

Come let loose, have fun and be a late night host!