Field Day

Chris NN5N and other Piglet Radio members lower the directional HexBeam antenna after a successful Winter Field Day contest.

Location of Piglets 2024 Field Day operations in Coxhall Gardens 

ARRL Field Day

June 22-23, 2024
Coxhall Gardens, Carmel IN
(Near E. Bell Tower, use Hoover Rd entrance off 116th St)

Sat 9AM: Setup
Sat 2 PM - Sun 2 PM: Operations
Sun 2 PM: Takedown

(Park Map PDF, location circled in yellow)

ARRL Field Day and Winter Field Day are two of the biggest public amateur radio exhibition and contesting events in the USA.  

Field Day is a 24-hour opportunity for Piglet Radio to:

Whether looking for a fun hobby, competitive radiosport, emergency communications, technical education, or electronics experimentation, you can find it in amateur radio! 

We will be operating for all 24 hours of the contest! 

Visitors and guests are welcome to stop by during our daylight operations to see how we operate and learn more about the club. If you are unlicensed, we can even help you make your first assisted radio contact with another station across the country!

Planned Equipment Setup: