We are a non-profit amateur radio club located in central Indiana. 

Piglet Radio Inc. aims to provide a welcoming and inclusive community for individuals interested in radio communications, and to foster education, innovation, and exploration in the diverse aspects of amateur radio. 

Participation in our community is welcome to anyone interested in the hobby regardless of your membership to our club or proximity to us. Join us at a monthly meeting or join our conversations in Discord. We look forward to having you as a resource to help spread knowledge of the amateur radio hobby.

Check out our calendar and events page as we routinely host skills workshops, outdoor radio contests and special events. 

Hey guys, hear me out…

If you'd like to keep on top of what Piglets are up to, participate in daily chats, or want ham advice from our members, please join us on Discord

Discord is a new type of messaging forum, and the primary communications and mentoring tool for our club members. You don't have to be a paid member, as we have both Public and Members sections (but we'd love you as a member!). 

If you don't want to use Discord, just sign up for our free email newsletter and come join us at our next members meeting or Piglet event!

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